Wapwhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022

This article talks about WAPWhatsApp Apk, a recent WhatsApp update. You may find the essential information about this application after it has been modified in this thread. Please read the entire article to discover more about this amazing modified app.

What is WAPWhatsApp?

The instant messaging mod app WAPWhatsApp APK was created from the official WhatsApp platform. This program is renowned for its quickness, usability, and security. It differs differently from the original version since it has a number of new features. You have a lot of influence over how the program appears and feels.

This is due to the fact that it is an open-source program from a third party. The WAPWhatsApp app is currently gaining widespread popularity since it may be utilized as a tool for social communication.

By exchanging messages, creating audio and video conversations, and creating groups, also aids in bringing a huge number of people together. One of its most intriguing features is that neither installing nor using it will cost you anything.

Wapwhatsapp Apk Download:

In WAPWhatsApp, you can see four different download iterations, starting with the first one they made and finishing with the most recent. We strongly advise that you download the most recent update, which contains both the emoticons that can be obtained on Google as well as those that were previously included with WhatsApp.

Size40.6 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Last Update1 day ago

Features of WAPWhatsApp

WAPWhatsapp has a number of distinctive features. But first, let’s look at some of the most practical and useful aspects of this Whatsapp mod Apk.

Exclusive User Interface and Configuration Options

Do you find the official Whatsapp app’s bland look to be a source of frustration? If you spend a lot of time being bored, you should download WAPWhatsapp because it offers a more engaging and alluring user interface than the official Whatsapp Apk.

In addition to a ton of additional stuff, this WhatsApp mod allows you to add customized themes, logos, typefaces, styles, bubbles, and blue ticks. It is a WhatsApp mod that allows for complete customization. You may now add new WhatsApp themes to your account by downloading them from the library of this Whatsapp mod and then doing so.

There are more than 150 different themes available in this Whatsapp mod’s library. More than fifty other logos are included with this Whatsapp hack as well and can be used in place of the original.

DND mode.

A flight mode and a mode that disables alerts are now features of this WhatsApp version. You can disable WhatsApp by selecting this option.

When you activate WhatsApp’s Do Not Disturb mode, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages. You don’t have any sort of internet connection. This option is useful for you if you just want to close WhatsApp while working online.

Status download

This WhatsApp customization includes the app’s status downloader, which lets you quickly save WhatsApp status updates to your phone’s gallery. No longer is a third-party app required in order to download WhatsApp Status.


Users’ status updates can’t be removed thanks to a feature in this WhatsApp mode program. This feature allows you to view every deleted WhatsApp status. You can respond to these deleted WhatsApp statuses in addition to seeing them.

Hide / Freeze last seen

This feature will be useful if you want to appear offline on WhatsApp while actually being online. You can use the WhatsApp feature to freeze the time of your most recent discussion by turning on the recently seen freeze option from the settings menu of the WhatsApp mod app.

Hide/Lock Chats

Using this Whatsapp mod APK, which enables you to hide your chats, can help you keep your conversations on WhatsApp secure and private. If you take advantage of these features, you can secure your WhatsApp discussion with a unique pin or pattern.

Nobody will be able to see your Whatsapp talks if you enable this option. Now, you may lock conversations by adding a variety of passwords.

How do I download WhatsApp for WAP?

By clicking here, you may get the most recent version of WAP WhatsApp. You may find detailed instructions for downloading WhatsApp via WAP here.

  • By clicking the provided button and waiting, you can begin the download.
  • You just need to wait a short while for the download to begin.
  • You will be prompted to choose the location in which to save the file.
  • You should now save the place where the Apk file will be downloaded.
  • It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the download to be finished.
  • All you have to do to get a mod for WhatsApp is that.

How Do I Install it?

If you want to install the WAP Whatsapp mod on your Android smartphone and are an Android user, then you should follow the procedures below.

  • Enter the settings menu on your Android smartphone to authorize the installation of programs from unidentified sources.
  • Open the download folder for the Apk file on your PC now.
  • To install the app, click the installation button after clicking the Apk file.
  • It won’t take more than a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Follow those instructions to complete the app’s installation.
  • after installing the application. Launch it, register for a WhatsApp account, and then enjoy using it.

What is the procedure for updating the WAPWhatsApp?

Visit our website frequently to be informed about the most recent WAPWhatsApp update. You must always have the most recent version of WAPWhatsApp installed if you are using an earlier version of this hack.

What is WAPWhatsApp?

Since the development of WAPWhatsApp did not rely on the stable version, like other WhatsApp mods do, but rather on the wager changes published by the North American organization, it is one of the most intriguing modifications. This makes it one of the most exciting modifications. As a result, it uses particular capacities that aren’t put into operation very often.

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