Featuring an Android app



If you feel different, stand out from the crowd!

LatestAPK provides featured app listing place for developers who want to make their apps more visible to their potential users...

What is the advantage of featuring an app?

Featured apps take place above all other apps on homepage. Visitors who visit homepage first sees featured apps even if these apps are uploaded long time ago. If your app is already visible on homepage at latest apps section, it will gain up to 30% more visibility because visitors don't always scroll down the page to click an app. If your app is listed in the second page of latest apps, making it featured will give your app up to 80% more visibility. The deeper pages have more and more gain by just making it featured.

How long an app stays featured?

Currently, we allow 5 apps to be featured at the same time. When you feature your app, it is listed on top of other featured apps and the last featured app is automatically deleted from featured apps list. Currently, the life cycle of a featured app is about one month but it may change by time with the popularity of this area. In this case, we may think about increasing the number of apps that are listed in featured apps section if they stay very short in the list. We are trying to make our best to serve our app developers.

How can I feature my app?

If you want to feature your app, go to the details page of your app. Click "feature this app" link in the "Publisher" part and follow instructions. When you complete the instructions, your app directly becomes featured without any approving process.


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